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OMG Alain Jr. is only 19 years old too LIKE WTF IS THIS. NOT FAIR.


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  1. joaquinsphoenix said: I’m still not over it oh my fucking god he’s so precious
  2. johnbelushi said: OMG he looks JUST like his dad….i can’t
  3. iwannabeyourbestfriend said: life has already ended….
  4. fromsimplemeans said: All of my friends always complain I’m only in love with dead guys…ALAIN JR. IS VERY MUCH ALIVE <3 That’ll show them…haha
  5. beneaththepool said: *Crying* Here I was hoping for a nice middle of the road two decade number. Crikey those genes, though!
  6. gelsominas said: I know! Can you imagine what he might look like in a few years? Just… *gah*
  7. alreadycoolest said: It’s obscene
  8. thelittlefreakazoidthatcould said: lol he looks SO much like his dad! That is some crazy shit!
  9. alaindelons said: IKR I’M DONE
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