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Supercut of Robert Pattinson talking about how bad “Twilight” is. Compilation of clips from various interviews.

literally the funniest fucking shit i’ve ever seen

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From the Detroit 1968 collection by Enrico Natali.

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Promotional portrait for the film The Fall Of The Roman Empire (1963)

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"At first, we were very leery of each other. To him, I was just another Hollywood star, all bosom and no brains. To me, he was a would-be intellectual New York Method actor. We were not prepared to dig each other at all, but after a while we found we were just two human beings and became friends." -Elizabeth Taylor

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Details of Dawn, Day, Evening Mood & Night by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

oil on canvas, 1881, 1884, c.1882, 1883

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Elizabeth Taylor painting while sitting on the hood of a jeep vehicle, California, June 1947.

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Kim Woo Bin // Color Palette

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Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift during the making of The Misfits, 1960.  Photographed By Eve Arnold.

Monty and Marilyn [Monroe] were psychic twins. They were on the same wavelength. They recognized disaster in each others faces and giggled about it. ~ Frank Taylor

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remember ma’pace | do not edit.

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phoebe tonkin for oyster magazine

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Paul Newman photographed by Sanford Roth, 1956.

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